June 22, 2019

A short introduction to AWS IAM, including Roles

IAM stands for Identity and Access Management. It is the service that lets you manage authentication and authorization within your AWS account. Authentication and Authorisation in AWS are based on six building blocks1: Account, User, Group, Policy, Action and Role. Everything I write here, and much more, can be found in the AWS documentation. This post is nothing more than a quick introduction to get you started with the basics. Read more

January 10, 2019

Credential Management API for passwords

Browsers let us save passwords and to retrieve them. This way, we can use strings too long and complex to be remembered. Some browsers, with or without the support of external password managers, generate new passwords for us and manage them seamlessly. However most of the time, everything regarding passwords is still based on the ability of the browser of guessing which input field contains a username, and which one contains a password. Read more